The primary function of the Office of Inspector General is to ensure the integrity of the citizen complaint process for all misconduct complaints regarding employees of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office Internal Affairs Bureau is the primary investigative body for all complaints of misconduct. However, the Inspector General will provide independent and objective review of those complaints to ensure they are conducted thoroughly, fairly, and judiciously. 

The Inspector General may also:

  • Serve as a community and complainant liaison.
  • Track and monitor high profile or serious incidents and complaints to include officer involved shootings, use of force, and in-custody deaths.
  • Audit investigations and conduct systemic reviews of the disciplinary system.
  • Review departmental policies and procedures and make recommendations for improvement.
  • Listen to and address public concerns about law enforcement and provide citizens the ability to file misconduct complaints through the Office of Inspector General. 
Please note that the Office of Inspector General only handles issues related to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office

Crime Reporting 

If this is an emergency, please call 911

If this is not an emergency and you would like to report a crime, suspicious activity, or have general questions, you can call the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency line at 916-874-5115. Certain crimes can also be reported online​​.